5 Essential Things to Consider when Buying an Official Rolex Watch Winder

If you decide to use an official rolex watch winder to keep your automatic watch running, you cannot just buy any watch winder, of course. Your watch winder will affect your automatic watch. The wrong choice of watch winder can ruin your precious watch. Here are things to consider when buying one.

How Many Watches?

Many people do not think that they need to get a watch winder because they only have one automatic watch that they wear almost all the time. You will consider buying a watch winder when you have more than one automatic watch.

Of course, the number of automatic watches you have will determine the type of watch winder you have to buy. A single watch winder will be a great investment if you only have not more than two watches. Meanwhile, a dual-type watch winder or a watch winder with a multi-compartment will be a great choice for automatic watch collectors. Buying a watch winder box will also be a great investment choice.


You want to buy a watch winder because you want to keep your timepiece accurate. In this circumstance, you have to pay attention to the TPD of the watch winder. Higher TPD will be a better choice since it will wind your timepiece more often in a day. It is so much better to get a watch winder with adjustable TPD because each automatic watch has a different need for the winding session a day.


The official rolex watch winder will be a perfect choice if it does not make too much noise during the operation. You do not want to get disturbed while sleeping because of the loud winding noise from the watch winder. Well, it does not matter if you do not put the watch winder in your bedroom but many people will do so, after all.


The material of the watch winder will also play an important role in consideration. Various materials are used but wood and leather might be the most common material used. To make sure of the quality, you need to choose one made from premium wood to prevent damages. As for leather material, quality leather must be a better material for the watch winder since it can ensure the durability of the product.

Watch Sizes

Do not forget that the automatic watches come in various sizes. You cannot ignore this aspect when buying an official rolex watch winder to make sure that it can wind timepieces of different sizes with no problem at all. One with a custom option or the ability to remove or add compartments can be a perfect choice.

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